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Early Afternoon

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Hoss travels by stagecoach in the company of Mother Veronica and sister-in-training Mary Kathleen. The coach is ambushed. (41:53)
Joe makes a promise to a dying man to look after his young charge Cal. Joe knows Cal is really a girl but he promises her he wont tell anyone if thats what she wants. He brings her home to the Ponderosa and soon finds out that the Cal stands for Calamity as in Calamity Jane. Soon Joe meets her dentist friend -- none other than Doc Holliday. Jane wants to stay with Joe, but Doc wants her to leave with him and it seems the only solution is a showdown between Joe and Doc Holliday. (41:53)
Ben looks back at his travels west with five year old Adam and Hoss mother Inger. In flashbacks, we see his journey to Ash Hollow where Hoss is born en route. They arrive in Ash Hollow only to be attacked by an Indian avenging the death of one of their braves. (41:54)
Joe comes upon a mine accident involving his friend Seth and Seths future father-in-law. The old man is dead and Seth says his back was broken and he begged Seth to end his misery. Seth then asks Joe to tell his fiance he died in the cave-in. Joe agrees but then struggles with his conscience. (41:54)

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