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The King of Queens


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The King of Queens
Arthur almost gets Doug fired, so Doug yells at him, and Arthur moves out of the house. Arthur ends up living in a great apartment that he could never afford, and Carrie has to convince him to move back. (20:41)
Doug gets a motorcycle, which causes a fight. Doug sells the motorcycle and tells Carrie he sold it because of her, but really he decided he hates it, and Carrie feels guilty. (20:41)
Carrie doesn't have many friends, so Doug finds her one, but then Carrie starts spending too much time with her. (20:44)
Doug is goofing off at work, and ends up with a staple in his "area". He has to suffer through the pain while at a meeting with a banker because of an argument with Carrie. (20:42)
Deacon and Kelly ask Doug and Carrie to become godparents. (20:42)

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