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Early Afternoon

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Joe and Hoss come upon an accident and find a couple dead. The couple's blind eleven year old daughter survives. (41:53)
All that Ben wants is a good nights sleep, but it seems everything is against him. At home, Adam is playing the guitar, Joe is laughing with a young lady and Hoss is snoring loudly. Ben decides to go back to town to spend the night in the hotel. Conditions are even worse in town. (41:54)
Charles Hacket, the worlds richest man, decides he wants the Ponderosa and he will stop at nothing to get it. He blackmails one of Bens friends into selling him the land and water rights. In the process, Hacket almost loses the only person who ever truly loved him-- his wife. (41:53)
Trace Cordell returns to Virginia City after serving time for shooting and crippling Paul Dorn. Dorn is now married to Traces old girlfriend and Dorn fears his wife may still have feelings for her old beau. (41:54)

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