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The Andy Griffith Show
"A modern-day Scrooge (businessman Ben Weaver) causes trouble on Christmas Eve. Factoid: This was the only Christmas episode -- and the first directed by Bob Sweeney. Blooper: Andy incorrectly reads a letter from the Hubacher Brothers as Merry Christmas instead of greetings from state prison. (20:44)
Aunt Bee, believing that the jailhouse environment is adversely affecting Opie, forbids the lad to spend time at the courthouse. Listen For: Background music by Earle Hagen and crew during the 'kick the can' sequence. (20:52)
A stubborn but charming lady speeder makes life difficult for Andy. Guest Star: Speeder Elizabeth Crowley is played by Jean Hagen, who played Danny Thomas's wife in The Danny Thomas Show. (20:56)
Mayberrian Frank Myers (Andy Clyde) and the town council are shocked to learn that the township owes him nearly $350,000. Guest Star: Andy Clyde as Frank Meyers. You may remember him as Timmy's elderly friend, Cully on the series Lassie. (20:54)
A scheming young couple victimizes Barney after a tiff with Thelma Lou. Guest Star: Former child star Jackie Coogan appears as George Stevens. Coogan later played the role of Uncle Fester on The Addams Family. (20:54)

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