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The King of Queens


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The King of Queens
During a visit to Doug's parents, Carrie finds out that they have been lying to him since his childhood, because they wanted to protect Doug. Meanwhile at home, Spence introduces his new girlfriend to his mother. Arthur is present to fill up awkward silences, but maybe that wasn't such a great idea. (20:43)
Doug and Carrie decide to renew their wedding vows which they soon realize was a bad idea. The preparations are stressful and soon the only reason they are doing it is to convince people they are not having marital problems. (20:45)
Carrie tells Doug that Kelly wants to go back to Deacon after their two years of separation. Doug is not sure whether he should tell Deacon about it, and when Deacon meets a beautiful stewardess who will just be in town for one night Doug decides to let Deacon have his fun. Carrie gets angry and wants Doug to tell him so that Deacon doesn't ruin anything that might happen with Kelly. (20:44)
Doug and Carrie have an argument about what led them to be in there current home, so they tell the story of what happened when they were looking for a home. Doug originally wanted another house that Carrie hated. (20:42)
Carrie lost her job and now Doug is annoyed by the fact that she is doing nothing all day when he is struggling to help them survive. Doug convinces her to try to find a job. Instead of looking for a new job, Carrie decides to make decorative cell phone covers, which are awful looking. (20:44)

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