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Andy Griffith

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Andy Griffith
Andy wishes he had not allowed Goober to run the courthouse in his absence. Guest Star: Larry Hovis (as Gilly Walker) went on to play Sgt. Andrew Carter on Hogan's Heroes. (20:54)
After an argument with Barney, Otis decides to do his drinking elsewhere. Dont Miss: Otis rides into Mayberry on a cow! (21:23)
Barney is intimidated by Andy not to respond to a chain letter. Factoid: Barney subscribes to a men's magazine called Love. (20:55)
Goober goes out on an awkward date with Lydia Crosswaithe (Josie Lloyd). (20:55)
Andy and Barney square off for the upcoming sheriff's election in Mayberry. Look For: Barney's 76 cases of malfeasance by Sheriff Andy Taylor.

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