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Early Afternoon

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Adam goes searching for the man using his identity. He discovers Ann, a saloon girl, who helps him find Tom Burns - the man who seems to be Adam's double. Unfortunately, Tom is dead by the time they find him and Anns sure Toms old partner is responsible. (41:53)
A troop of circus trapeze performers visit Virginia City. The aging star of the troop is Bens old friend Borelli. Borelli is in love with Pitina, the much younger love interest of Carlo. Carlo is the young rising star of the troop and Borelli is jealous of him. When Carlos is found stabbed, Borelli frames Joe for the crimes. (41:53)
Hoss befriends an Englishman named Professor Poppy. A traveling medicine man, Professor Poppy is really a doctor named Mundy who gave up medicine after was harassed by Mr. Crippen. Mr. Crippen believes Dr. Mundy killed his wife while operating on her. Mundy must use his medical skills to save Hoss after Crippen shoots, mistaking him for Mundy. (41:49)
Adam takes over for an injured school teacher named Barbara. He plans to have the children study the early history of the Nevada territory. While doing research for the class, he plans to interview several people, but finds some of the men very uncooperative. The men have reason for concealing their early endeavors in the territory. (41:52)

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