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Roseanne reluctantly allows Darlene to go to a rock concert in nearby Rockford with Molly - who abandons her. (20:49)
Loretta Lynn moseys by during Lanford Days, while vegetarian Darlene reluctantly serves meat at the Lunch Box booth, and D.J. stars in a school play about the founding of the town. (20:48)
The death of their father finds Jackie blubbering, but Roseanne angry - and sharing a drink with the "other woman" in his life. (20:45)
A wealthy and successful cousin whom Roseanne hasn't seen in 25 years comes to bury the hachet, and encourages Darlene to leave home. (20:47)
The Conners and the Tildens travel to California in a motor home, with Dan pondering his future and Ty contemplating Jackie. (20:45)

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