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Joe and Candy stop in Angelus and meet Joes old friend Steve Regan. Regan is a miner who is on strike because of unsafe conditions in the mines. Joe offers Steve a job helping him bring a string of horses to the Ponderosa. Steve is thrown from one of the horses and is killed. Joe feels responsible and he and Candy stay to help Steves widow and the miners solve the problems. (41:53)
Davey was abandoned by his Ute tribe during a battle in which his father and mother were killed. Davey was found by Ben who has taken care of him ever since. Davey has become a hand on the Ponderosa. Ben is arranging a treaty between the Utes and the White Men. (41:50)
The Cartwrights and Candy help the army fight off gold thieves. Captain Harris is married to Candys former wife, and the band of outlaws is headed by Candys childhood friend. (41:53)
When Hoss and Joe back different candidates for Mayor, they decide to bet on the outcome of the election. The one that backs the losing candidate must pay for a trip to San Francisco for the one who backs the winning candidate. With so much at stake, they decide to become the campaign managers for their candidates. (41:54)

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