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Early Afternoon

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Joe and Hoss come upon an accident and find a couple dead. The couple's blind eleven year old daughter survives. (41:53)
Cousin Muley Jones visits again and this time he comes with a pack of hound dogs. The dogs cause sleepless nights and chaos. Hoss and Muley decide to train the dogs to hunt coyotes plaguing the herd. The dogs dont take to hunting wolves and when their owner Tracy shows up, she is furious that they have ruined her bird dogs. (41:54)
Joes old girlfriend Hallie Shannon thinks Joe killed her husband so they could be together. Joe vehemently denies this. Shannons husbands twin brother believes it too. He comes to town and causes trouble for Joe. When Hallie is found dead, things look even worse. (41:53)
Adam befriends Howard Meade, a guitar-playing drifter who is up to no good. Adam defends Meade when he is accused of robbing Johann and Hilda Brunners. Adam gets Johann to drop charges and Meade takes up with Hilda. Disaster follows. (41:54)

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