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The Andy Griffith Show

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The Andy Griffith Show
A war between Barney and Gomer erupts after Barney arrests Gomer for making an illegal U-turn. Factoid: This was Jim Nabors' favorite episode. (41:55)
Opie and his friends are taken in by a dishonest hobo while playing Robin Hood. (41:54)
Barney comes to the rescue when he believes Andy and Helen are trapped in Lost Lover's Cave. (20:54)
Opie gets jealous when Andy pays more attention to a new boy in town who doesn't have a father. (41:51)
Aunt Bee and her friends anger Andy and Barney when they come to the support of a local farmer who is being evicted. Look For: Barney questioning Otis in the third degree. (42:00)

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