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The King of Queens


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The King of Queens
Doug decides he is too fat, and vows to lose 30 pounds. (20:41)
Doug and Carrie try to go to a wedding but not have to stay. (20:43)
Doug finds Deacon out with another woman and Deacon makes him promise not to say anything. When Carrie finds out, she begins to question their marriage because Doug and her have different views on whether or not it is cheating. (20:45)
Doug and Carrie go to a movie with Kelly while Deacon watches the kids. While at the movies, Carrie finds a co-worker who likes Kelly. Kelly decides to go on a date with him, and Deacon asks Doug to help him win his wife back. (20:42)
Doug and Carrie decide they want to have a baby, but Arthur keeps getting in the way. Now that his last friend moved away he has nothing to do all day, so he bugs them at night. Doug decides to hire a dog walker to walk Arthur so he can spend time with Carrie. (20:44)

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