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The Andy Griffith Show
When the Mayberry jail cells are full, Andy has little choice but to temporarily incarcerate town drunk Otis Campbell in his home. Aunt Bee, to whom Otis refers as Bloody Mary, proves to be an effective warden. (20:57)
Mayberry's county nurse, Mary Simpson, is determined to give tetanus shots to everyone who needs one. Farmer Rafe Hollister is just as determined to avoid her. (20:26)
While on a business trip, Andy and Barney become involved in a cat-and-mouse game between a hotel detective and a notorious jewel thief. Look For: Barney signing the hotel register Barney Fife, M.D. That's Mayberrys Deputy, of course. (20:55)
Believing that her presence is holding Andy back from pursuing a wife, Aunt Bee considers a relationship with a man she can barely tolerate -- dry cleaner H. Fred Goss. Factoid: This was Frances Bavier's favorite episode. (20:55)
Andy would like to spend some time alone with Mary Simpson, but Barney keeps turning up like a bad penny. (20:55)

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