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Three's Company

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Three's Company
While the girls are away, Jack throws a wild party. The next day it's Mr. Roper, not Jack, who wakes up with the 'morning-after blues.' (19:57)
Chrissy mistakenly eats a pie Jack has prepared for a local bake-off. To avoid being caught, she tries to pass off a bakery pie as his pie. (20:24)
Jack falls for an athletic gym instructor, problem is her overprotective brother doesn't like his sister dating...anyone. (20:26)
In order to avoid his current girlfriend's extremely jealous boyfriend, Larry helps Jack fake his own death. (20:26)
Janet invites Jack to escort her to a party on a private island hosted by a wealthy man she wants to impress. But when Jack accidentally mixes tranquilizers with alcohol to overcome his fear of flying, he becomes the life of the party, much to Janet's horror. (20:26)

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