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A sheepherder, who was originally just passing through the Ponderosa, decides to stay there permanently. Ben attempts to kick him off the land and the sheepherder takes Adam prisoner. (41:52)
Ben's ranch hand, Dave Walker, has been accused of killing the wife of Marshall Dowd. The Cartwrights go to Los Angeles for his trial. (41:54)
Ben, who is running for Governor of Nebraska, was accused of murder twenty years ago; he must go to New Orleans to face the charges. (41:45)
Adam is attacked by escaped convicts. Ben joins Army Captain Bolton in the search for Adam's attackers. (41:52)
Hoss and Joe look for a way to prevent Adam and Ben from being hanged. A stranger, Lassiter, comes to town and helps prove Adam and Ben's innocence. (41:54)

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