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Early Afternoon

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Joe is plagued by recurring nightmares after he loses his rifle on Eagles Peak. Joes fear of heights keeps him from getting his rifle back, but he doesnt want to admit he is afraid and he lashes out at his family in his frustration. (41:53)
Joe and Hoss take an elephant as payment for helping out in a circus. They bring the elephant home and both Adam and Ben tell them to take it back and get the money. When Joe and Hoss say they cant, Ben takes matters into his own hands. (41:53)
When Hoss is accused of murder, he must depend on Whitney Parker, a once great lawyer, but now the town drunk. Parker is Hoss only hope and the Cartwrights must make sure Parker stays sober. (41:53)
Ben hires half-Comanche Harry Star, not realizing Harry was part of a gang of horse thieves. Harry and his partners stage Harrys death to collect the reward that was issued for him. (41:53)

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