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The Conner family celebrates Halloween night by pranking each other. (20:52)
Roseanne, mistaken for a real guy in her lumberjack Halloween costume, plays along with some braggarts and learns about machismo. (20:49)
Roseanne comes unglued thinking that Kathy Bowman will take revenge for a Hallowe'en prank; Jackie flirts with a moose at the Lodge costume party only to discover that it's former boyfriend Booker. (20:48)
Having lost her Halloween spirit, Roseanne sends everyone to a party while she stays home - and is visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present, and future (20:49)
Hallowe'en at the diner becomes complicated when Nancy complains that Dan doesn't like her, and Roseanne discovers that Darlene and David are each dating others. (20:48)
Leon outdoes himself hosting a Halloween soire with the Lunch Box clan and a bevy of his gay friends, many of whom seem to know Fred - intimately. Meanwhile, Jackie and Roseanne visit Bev's hairdresser and become convinced that she wears a wig. (20:47)

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