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Ben is forced to kill Luke Grayson and now must face his son Todd who returns from the East to seek revenge. (41:50)
Joe and Hoss travel to Sacramento to visit the widow of Ben's friend Josh Layton; Hoss falls in love with Helen Layton and brings her home, intending to marry her. All are thrilled about the news except Adam, who has reason to believe she is using Hoss. (41:51)
Joe finds a stranger burning Ponderosa land and must shoot him in self defense. He finds himself left with the responsibility of the man's daughter and brings her home to the Ponderosa. Joe is unaware that her unlawful kin are searching for her. (41:55)
Ben is away on business and a woman comes to the Ponderosa claiming to be his new wife. When Ben returns she says he is not the man she married. The man claimed to be Ben Cartwright was a different man. She tells the Cartwright's she gave this man all her money. The Cartwrights travel to Crater Plains to find him, unaware they are heading into a trap. (41:54)
When Ben and Adam have to leave on business, Ben puts Joe in charge. His first order of business is to rob the Virginia City Bank. Hoss becomes an unwilling accomplice. (41:52)

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