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Early Afternoon

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Joe is mistaken for Angus Borden, an Army deserter and a dead ringer for Joe. Hes arrested and taken to the Army fort to face charges. Joes appeals to the Captain fall on deaf ears because the captain is involved with Borden and he wants Joe killed. (41:53)
A man comes to town claiming to be Pirate Lafitte but Ben has met Lafitte in the past and doesnt recognize him. The man tells tales of his so-called adventures. Hoss makes friends with the man who returns the favor by collecting a debt for Hoss from Amos Whittaker. When Whittaker is found with Lafittes knife, Hoss is the only one who believes him innocent. (41:53)
Adam checks in on Laura and Peggy Dayton only to find problems. Laura becomes angry with Adams interference and hires a new man, Ward Bannister, to help with the ranch operations. Ward claims to be an old friend of her late husbands and says he has a life insurance policy for her. What Laura doesnt know is that Bannister is part of a shady deal with another man named Canfield. Things go wrong when Ward falls in love with Laura and tries to back out on Canfield. (41:55)

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