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Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray is upset when he discovers that his twins, Michael and Geoffrey, are playing fairies in the school play. At first he defends the boys against Franks sarcastic comments about the situation. But when Ray later learns that the boys actually chose to play fairies, despite the fact they were offered other parts, his reaction reveals that hes not all that different from his own father when it comes to being open-minded. (20:30)
Robert gets a surprise visit from Stefania, the woman with whom he fell head over heels in love when the Barones vacationed in Italy. Roberts excitement over having his beloved and stunningly gorgeous Stefania so close quickly gives way to annoyance when he is witness to a few of her idiosyncrasies. After spending some quality time with the Italian beauty sans gelato and gondolas, Robert has to rethink his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Stefanias father, who has accompanied her to America, has his own change of heart in respect to his feelings for Robert. (20:28)
Ray purchases a new state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner from an attractive door-to-door saleswoman, and it ignites a housekeeping war between Marie and Debra. Debra is as taken with the new vacuum as she is with Ray once she witnesses all of the wonderful things it can do. That is, until she learns why the saleswoman showed up at their door in the first place. Determined to prove to Marie that shes is just as good at keeping house, Debra attempts to use the new vacuum to find some dirt, any dirt, in Maries home. Of course, the results are disastrous. (20:25)

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