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Early Afternoon

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Ben hires half-Comanche Harry Star, not realizing Harry was part of a gang of horse thieves. Harry and his partners stage Harrys death to collect the reward that was issued for him. (41:53)
When the stage carrying Adam is robbed, the outlaws are chased off by a knight in full armor. Adam is left holding the strongbox and is arrested by the town Sheriff. Adam knows the Sheriff wont believe his story of a knight in armor, so he tells the Sheriff to wire Roy Coffee for a reference. When the same thing happens again, the fun starts as Adam tries to prove he is not seeing things. (1:32:05)
Ben sends Joe into Virginia City to pick up the mail. Joe picks up the mail including a letter and a package from Adam. Joe is bushwhacked on the way home and the package from Adam is stolen. The letter from Adam states he is sending home a valuable ruby he bought for $1,000. Little Joe hides the theft from his father to keep Pa from asking too many questions about his poker-playing and late night activities. (41:53)
The Cartwrights are visited by Bens old friend Martin Meldine and his daughter Lucy. Lucy is a pretty young woman who has gotten most of her ideas about life from books. Joe and his friend Tuck vie for Lucys attention and are captured by a band of renegade Indians. Lucy learns that real life is very different than the stories she reads in books. (41:53)

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