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The King of Queens
Carrie and Doug go to her company's retreat, and Carrie, hoping to impress the firm's partners, encourages Doug to be friendly with them, which Doug finds difficult. Meanwhile, Arthur is left at home alone, and Deacon has been instructed to check up on him. (20:42)
As Arthur is about to have his surgery he asks Carrie to bring him his sleep mask. When she is digging through his stuff looking for it she finds an old letter from Florida State saying she got into college. She never saw the letter before and starts to resent her father. (20:41)
After the surgery, Carrie decides it would be a good idea to get life insurance and to make sure Arthur has somewhere to go if one of them dies. When she finds out Doug wouldn't want him if she dies she gets upset. She starts smoking again and Doug thinks she is trying to die first. (20:43)
Carrie wants to spend a weekend with Doug to honor their first date, but it is the same day as a trip Deacon planned to Atlantic City with a group of friends. Carrie agrees to go but the only other person who shows up is Doug's boss. Deacon shows up later and says Kelly left him and took the kids. (20:44)
Carrie gets jealous when Doug starts paying a lot of attention to Spence's girlfriend, Becky. She is a great cook and Doug is always talking about her food. Carrie tries to impress Doug with her cooking, but can't do it. (20:42)

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