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Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray screws up a Hackidu (Pokemon) trade for his daughter Ally by giving away a Scramisaur card that ends up being worth a lot of money. Ray thinks hes being the perfect father by taking an interest in Allys Hackidu hobby and advising her on a card swap. But when he inadvertently gives away her favorite card, he has to pay for his mistake -- he just didnt realize how much. (20:28)
Debra throws the Barone family into turmoil when she finally creates a dish that everyone likes. Ray cant believe it when he samples Debras braciole. Even though her past attempts at cooking seemed to have ruined his taste buds, its simply delicious. But when Marie gets wind of Debras cooking prowess and sees the effect that the braciole has on Ray, Robert and Frank, its war! (20:29)
Ray and Debra devise a plan to push Frank and Marie into making some new friends, thus leaving the older couple with less time to bother them. It seems like the perfect plan, but the situation is complicated by the reaction Frank and Maries new friends have toward Ray. (20:29)

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