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Lady Beatrice is married to Lord Marion Dunsford. She thinks her husband is a coward and sets her sights on a "real man" - Adam. (38:30)
Ben, Hoss and Joe visit San Francisco with some of their ranch hands. The hands vanish. While searching for them, Ben finds himself shanghaied and destined for Hong Kong. (38:49)
When miner Lem Keith plans to buy land next to the Ponderosa, he goes to the owner's son Todd to help him. Todd is more than willing to help Lem because he is in love with Lem's daughter and because he and Todd share a common hatred of the Cartwrights. (41:54)
Little Billy Allen's mother has died and he waits for his father at the Cartwrights'. Unbeknownst to Billy, his father is a prisoner who has broken out of jail. When the father commits robbery and murder Hoss is forced to kill him. (28:10)
A gypsy girl named Tirza has come to stay at the Ponderosa. She has been disowned by her people because they believe she is a witch. While staying with the Cartwrights, Joe falls in love with her and tries to prove her people wrong. (41:53)

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