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Three's Company

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Three's Company
When Helen tries to patch up a disagreement between Stanley and his best friend, the trio mistakenly believe that she is having an affair with the man. (20:24)
Tempers flare when Janet's sexy younger sister comes for a visit and sets her sights on Jack. (20:22)
A fast-talking con man tries to convince a down-on-her-luck Chrissy that he's a spiritual guru and that she belongs with him on his commune. (19:59)
Larry's fiance is a gold-digger who's really interested in Jack. Larry thinks it's the other way around, but only Chrissy has the facts that will bring the buddies back together.
Chrissy's going on an overnight trip with her boss, and Janet and Jack can only assume the worst -- that her boss wants to put the moves on her.

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