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Three teenage boys, on probation from the country jail, are welcomed in Dodge City--for a while. (43:59)
A vengeful ex-convict seeks reprisal against a former partner-in-crime who ran out on a train holdup. Earl Holliman guest-stars. (40:30)
When a renegade Indian kills Matt's friend, the Marshal pursues the killer high into the New Mexico mountains. Ricardo Montalban guest-stars. (44:05)
A young drifter kidnaps Kitty and holds her captive in a ghost town to lure Doc Adams, Festus, and Matt to the area. (44:05)
The son of a wealthy rancher escapes from prison and is captured by a bounty hunter--who attempts to blackmail the youth's family. Suzanne Pleshette guest-stars. (31:49)

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