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Against great odds, the mother of two infamous outlaw sons tries to steer her youngest boy into an honest life. Jan-Michael Vincent guest-stars. (41:12)
Newly finds himself in a strange alliance with a professional killer as he tries to get his prisoner to Dodge City before they are both killed by bounty hunters. (41:12)
Allen Garfield guest-stars as a schoolteacher in an episode that makes a strong statement for compulsory education for children, even in the less enlightened Dodge City of the 1870s. (41:12)
After her parents are killed on the prairie, Dillon takes young Bessie Sutherland to live with her Aunt Rachel, only to find that she is not wanted. (41:12)
Farmer Jed Hackett decides it is time his three sons marry the women they brought back from Dodge. Harry Morgan and David Soul guest-star. (41:12)

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