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Three's Company

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Three's Company
Furley finally replaces the couch in the trio's living room, which is great, except that Jack and Janet hid money from a haywire ATM machine there, and now they must get it back. (20:26)
Anticipating a negative review from a food critic, Jack hastily shoots off an angry letter, but when he is reassured of a good review, he has to move heaven and earth to try to retrieve it. (20:26)
When Jack's new girlfriend won't discuss her line of work (she's a sex therapist) Janet assumes the worst, especially when she becomes friendly with her father. (20:26)
After agreeing to take out Janet's friend, Jack realizes he's also got another date on the same night, so he asks buddy Larry to stand in for him. (20:27)
The good news? Jack's won $10,000 in the Lander's bake-off contest. The bad news? The contest is only open to women, and he has to prepare his winning recipe for the company drag. (20:25)

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