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The Andy Griffith Show

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The Andy Griffith Show
A harried Charlotte businessman finds himself stranded in Mayberry. Look For: Jim Nabors' first appearance as Gomer Pyle. (20:54)
Barney believes that the Mayberry Security Bank is an easy target for robbers. Look For: Clint Howard as Leon, the little cowboy with a peanut butter sandwich. (20:53)
Opie is dismayed when his friends fall under the influence of a wayward nine-year-old. Dont Miss: Barney's incarceration lecture to a group of boys. (20:35)
A man Andy once shot and sent to prison decides to pay him a visit to set the record straight. Barney is very concerned. (20:57)
Farmer Cy Hudgins' goat Jimmy may have consumed a large quantity of dynamite. Guest Star: Bing Russell, father of actor Kurt Russell, appears as blasting engineer Mr. Burton. (20:46)

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