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Wednesday, April 16


The Soul Man

Oh My Goddy

The Soul Man

Oh My Goddy

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Hot In Cleveland Sneak Peek: The Undead

Elka (Betty White) throws a fake funeral for Victoria so she can join her husband in hiding. Her nemesis, Susan Lucci attends. Simon (Craig Ferguson) and Joy face a dilemma in their relationship.
Guest Stars: Craig Ferguson, Susan Lucci, Matt Iseman, David Cheaney, Laird MacIntosh (0:30)
Available until: April 16, 2014

The Soul Man Sneak Peek: Oh My Goddy

Boyce feels the pressure when he's nominated for a big award. So he goes above and beyond to brand himself as the "Second Chance Preacher." (0:30)
Available until: April 16, 2014

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Dr. Who

Joy, Simon and Owen try to appear to be a perfect family to impress a prospective preschool. Watch Hot in Cleveland Wednesdays 10/9c on TV Land! (2:39)

The Soul Man Highlight: Brother, Can You Spare a Kidney?

Boyce and Lolli are suspicious of Paul and Robyn after they show up unannounced asking for Boyce's kidney! Watch more Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30C on TV Land. (1:50)

Jennifer Falls: Coming in June

Jennifer Falls revolves around a career woman and mother, Jennifer Doyle (Jamie Pressly) who must move back in with her own mom after being let go from her high-powered, six-figure salary job. With her teenage daughter in tow, Jennifer has to face her new life and figure out what the next steps are to rebuild. Premieres this summer on TV Land! (0:30)

Gilligan's Island: Weeknights

Watch Gilligan's Island weeknights at 7/6C on TV Land. Laugh More! (0:15)

TV Land Originals: Since 2010

Join us Wednesday nights for TV Land Original Sitcoms. The stars you know and love from old sitcoms, in new sitcoms! Laugh More! (0:30)