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Impastor: Wednesday on "Bingo Tell It On The Mountain"

A new family’s arrival in town could mean the end for Buddy. Dora asks Buddy to help her overcome a bizarre addiction. Schmidt has a rendezvous with Ashlee. WEDNESDAY 10:30/9:30C on TV Land!

Impastor: Bestow This Gift

Buddy gets out of a jam with the young blackmailer demanding to get up close and personal with Dora on Reformation Day.
The Exes

The Exes: What Should I Wear?

Phil asks the crew for advice on what to wear on his date with movie star, Zoe (Frances Turner).
The Jim Gaffigan Show

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Dave's Party

Jim attends Dave's birthday party and runs into a load of other comedians while he's there.

Teachers: Coming Soon to TV Land

Watch the comedy darlings, The Katydids, star in “Teachers,” Executive Produced by Alison Brie, Ian Roberts and Jay Martel. Coming to TV Land January 2016!