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Monday, July 14


King of Queens

Like Hell

King of Queens

Consummate Professional

King of Queens

Pole Lox

Everybody Loves Raymond

Dancing with Debra

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Latest TV Land Updates

Best Night In

Desi Joins TV Land’s Leila Sbitani for a Night Out in New York City

See Where Leila Sbitani Goes Late At Night in NYC
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Sneak Peek: Auction Heroes

Joy decides to finally tell Mitch (Tim Daly) how she feels but a handsome dating coach gets in the way (Coby Bell). Victoria is surprisingly taken with a very Clevelandy screenwriter (Dan Lauria).
Jennifer Falls

Jennifer Falls Sneak Peek: School Trouble

When Gretchen starts getting in trouble at school, Jennifer will stop at nothing to find out what’s going on with her daughter.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: Playmates

Joy, Melanie and Victoria hear about a new play written by Elka in the paper. But to their surprise, it's about them.

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Staycation

When Dina finds Gretchen drinking alcohol, Gretchen has some serious explaining to do.
Candid Camera

Candid Camera: Coming in August

Get ready to smile, Candid Camera is back August!
The Soul Man

The Soul Man: Own Season 1 on DVD Today!

Watch all the laughs from The Soul Man Season 1! Order it today!
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: People Feeding People

When Melanie reveals Ross Barkley's (Chevy Chase) big secret to the ladies, Elka uses it to her advantage.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot In Cleveland Blooper: Murder House

Rob Schneider gives lap dances to the ladies when they flub their lines.
Hot in Cleveland

Hot in Cleveland Highlight: I Just Met The Man I'm Going To Marry

The man Joy's in love with only has eyes for Melanie, while Victoria tries to steal a suitcase potentially containing the identities of the Oscar nominees.
Jennifer Falls

Jennifer Falls Highlight: Triangle

When Dina and Jennifer spot a hot new guy at the bar, Jennifer does more than approach him.
Hot in Cleveland

TV Land Studios: Jaime Pressly Gets A Speeding Ticket

Jaime Pressly gets a ticket when she doesn't follow the speed limit on The Lot.